How to Get Etisalat Loan Dubai, UAE

In the dynamic world of mobile communication in Dubai, “How To Get Etisalat Loan” and managing your credit balance efficiently is crucial. Etisalat UAE, a prominent telecom service provider, offers a convenient Reserve Credit service, allowing prepaid users to access a loan balance of up to AED 50. This article outlines the steps to acquire an Etisalat loan balance, how to subscribe and unsubscribe, manage your balance, and covers essential terms and conditions.

How To Get Loan In Etisalat UAE

Eligibility Criteria:

To access the Reserve Credit service for “How to Get Etisalat Loan”, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a prepaid user for a minimum of 2 months.
  • Maintain a usage of at least AED 10 per month.

How to Get Loan In Etisalat Subscription:

Eligible users will receive an SMS notification prompting them to subscribe to the Reserve Credit service. To subscribe, dial *1081#. Once subscribed, the service will automatically renew whenever your mobile credit runs out.

How to Get Loan In Etisalat Subscription:
How To Get Loan In Etisalat UAE
Eligibility and Subscription
Notification: Eligible users will receive an SMS notification.
Subscription: Dial *1081# to subscribe.
Auto-Renewal: Service automatically renews when mobile credit depletes.

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How to Get Etisalat Loan via The App

For added convenience, Etisalat offers users the option to access the Loan Balance through the Etisalat UAE app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Etisalat UAE app and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Account” button on the home screen.
  3. Under “Balance Information,” find the “Get the Loan” button.
  4. Click to take a Reserve Credit balance.
  5. Your balance will be added within seconds, and you’ll be notified through an SMS.

Balance Notification:

Stay informed about your Reserve Credit balance by receiving SMS notifications when your balance reaches AED 1.

Recharge Deduction:

When recharging your line, the Reserve Credit used will be automatically deducted from the recharge amount.

How to Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Manage

Check Balance*121#
Additional Management*108#
Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Manage

How to Manage Your Etisalat Loan Balance

Check Balance:

Stay on top of your Reserve Credit balance by dialling *121#.

Additional Services:

Explore additional services by dialing *108#.

Etisalat Loan UAE Additional Charges

Wasel Prepaid Customers (Single Account SIM):

  • Service Fee: 20% (excluding VAT) on top of existing tariff for services used.

Other Wasel Prepaid Customers:

  • Service Fee: AED 0.06 (excluding 5% VAT) on top of the existing tariff for every minute or SMS.

Terms & Conditions

Usage of Reserve Credit:

  • Reserve Credit can be used for voice calls, SMSs (local and international), and the purchase of Non-stop Silver data plans.

Additional Services for Single Account SIM Users:

  • Wasel Prepaid customers with a single account SIM can subscribe to selected Data Packs, and use Play on Demand, and Start-Stop Data services.

Mobile Content Services:

  • Reserve Credit can be used to subscribe or renew mobile content services, with a 20% service fee on top of the subscription amount.

Non-stop Silver Data Plan:

  • This plan is not auto-renewable and can be purchased multiple times.

Subscription Renewal:

  • After subscribing to Reserve Credit, the service will auto-renew whenever your mobile credit is depleted.

Balance Expiry:

  • Reserve Credit balance does not expire, providing flexibility to users.


Etisalat’s Loan Balance service is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether through simple USSD codes or the user-friendly “Etisalat UAE app“, accessing credit when needed has never been more straightforward. Stay connected, manage your balance wisely, and enjoy the convenience of Etisalat’s innovative services. For any assistance or emergencies, reach out to the Etisalat helpline at 101 or +971 400 4110 from outside the country. Use this service judiciously, ensuring it serves you when needed the most

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