How To Transfer Balance From Du to Du: A Simple How-To Guide

If you’re a DU customer in the UAE, you know that your prepaid account balance allows you to make calls, text, and browse the internet on your phone. But did you know you can actually transfer that balance to another DU number? It’s a handy trick for sending your friend some credit or splitting costs on a family plan.

Transfer Balance From Du to Du Method Code

  1. Dialling Sequence: Dail *121* on your phone.
  2. Recipient Number: Add the Receivers phone number *121*54xxxxx*
  3. Amount Entry: Enter the desired amount in dirhams *121*54xxxxx*50#
  4. Confirmation: Press the ‘Dial’ key to confirm the transfer.
Transfer Balance From Du to Du Method Code *121#
Transfer Balance From Du to Du Method Code

Another process of transferring balance From Du to Du is really straightforward. Just dial *121# on your DU phone and select the “Transfer Credit” option. You’ll be prompted to enter the mobile number you want to transfer the balance to, followed by the amount. Confirm it with your DU PIN and you’re all set!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Transfer Limits for Security: DU imposes limits on the amount and frequency of transfers to prevent fraud.
  • Transfer Fee Notice: Keep in mind that a small fee may be deducted with each transfer, causing a slight decrease in your balance.
  • Recipient’s DU Account Requirement: For successful transfers, the recipient must have an active DU account.
  • Applicability to Prepaid Accounts Only: It’s important to note that this service is exclusive to prepaid accounts and does not apply to monthly postpaid plans.

If the person you want to transfer the balance to is on a different carrier like Etisalat, no problem. Dial that same *121# shortcode and choose the “Friend and Family” option instead. Enter their non-DU number and follow the same confirmation process.

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DU to DU Credit Transfer Service One2One?

Easy Transfer Process

Du to Du Credit customers can effortlessly transfer their balance by dialling  *121 *055xxxxxxx*Amount # ensuring instant credit transfer without any activation or subscription charges.

DU to DU Credit Transfer du to du number Service One2One
DU to DU Credit Transfer Service One2One?

Flexible Credit Transfer

Customers can transfer credit from both ‘more time’ and ‘more credit’ balances. Notably, no charges apply when transferring credit from the ‘more time’ account. However, a 15% transaction fee is applicable when transferring from the ‘more credit’ account. The transferred credit is allocated to the recipient’s ‘more time’ account and remains valid for life. Importantly, transfers are possible even when roaming abroad.

FEE for Du to Du Transfer?

No charges apply when transferring a balance from du to other UAE numbers.

How to Transfer Balance from Du to Etisalat?

  1. Dial *121* on your mobile.
  2. Add the Etisalat number in this format *121*05xxxxxxxxx*
  3. Write the amount in dirhams and end with a hash # example with 100AED: *121*05xxxxxxxxx*100#
  4. Press the call button to complete the process.

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How to Transfer Balance from Etisalat to Du?

  1. Dial: Use your Etisalat line to dial *100*RecipientNumber*Amount#
  2. Confirm: Press the ‘#’ key to confirm the transfer Example: *121*05xxxxxxxxx*100# Ensuring a smooth transaction between Etisalat and Du networks of 100 AED.

How to Transfer the Balance from Du to Pakistan or international numbers?

To transfer the balance internationally, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate Transfer:
    Type “SEND” and send it to 1700.
  2. Recipient’s Number:
    Enter the international MSISDN of the recipient in the format: Country code followed by MSISDN.
  3. Amount Selection:
    Choose from the available transfer balance amounts.
  4. Confirmation:
    Confirm the transfer, and wait for a message confirming the successful transaction.

Some important points:

  • A minimum transfer amount of AED 5 applies.
  • A transfer fee of AED 1 applies per transaction.
  • You can only transfer the balance to Pakistani mobile numbers that are active and have a minimum balance of AED 5.

So next time you or a loved one need some extra call and data time, try the DU balance transfer. It’s the easiest way to share the prepaid love!

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