20 Tricks How To Save Money In Dubai Like A Pro

Dubai, renowned for its extravagant attractions and opulent lifestyle, may appear to be an expensive place to live in or travel to. But you may save money without sacrificing the caliber of your trip with proper planning and astute money management. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Dubai, this article will provide you with helpful advice on how to save money there like an expert.

From budgeting wisely to finding affordable accommodations, cost of living, food, cost of attraction, and travel costs. Let’s start this comprehensive guide; we will explore 20 tricks on how to save the actual cost of living effectively while enjoying everything Dubai has to offer.

1. Set Financial Goals

Before starting your quest to save “Money in Dubai,” setting up specific financial objectives is crucial. A clear goal will keep you motivated and focused, whether you’re trying to save for an emergency fund, a dream vacation, or a future investment.

One needs to set up a clear financial objective to save money in Dubai. Determine your financial aim, whether you want to keep it for any purpose such as a retirement emergency fund or in any other kind of fund for your ease later in the future; if you’re motivated enough, you’ll be able to think more wisely about saving your money in Dubai while travelling or living in UAE.

2. Create a Budget

A well-defined budget is the foundation of effective money management. List your monthly income and expenses, categorizing them into essential and discretionary items. Identify areas where you can reduce costs, such as dining out or entertainment, and allocate those savings towards your financial goals. Daily costs in Dubai can range from 200-400 AED (55-110 USD) depending on your preferences and activities and can be up to 5000 AED.

Housing is often one of the most significant expenses in Dubai. Consider downsizing to a smaller apartment or sharing accommodation with roommates to reduce your rent compared to the actual cost. Negotiate with your landlord for a lower rent or explore different areas of the city that offer more affordable housing options.

3. Save on Accommodation

Dubai offers a wide range of accommodation costs, catering to different budgets. Consider staying in areas outside the city centre or choosing budget “cheap hotels” in advance or serviced apartments. Utilize online average cost of booking platforms to compare prices and take advantage of promotional offers or last-minute deals. Many Apps offer Cheap deals at Dubai hotels, Like Wego, Booking, Agoda, Google Hotels Booking, etc.

Google Hotels Booking Prices Comparison to see the better prices with locations to save more

Google-cheap-Hotels-booking-prices-comparison-with distance

4. Transport on a Budget

Dubai’s “public transportation” system, including the metro, buses, and trams, is an efficient and cost-effective travel style for using public transport whenever possible instead of relying on taxis or ride-sharing services discount offers by Dubai international airport. If you prefer the convenience of a private vehicle, carpooling or renting a car for longer durations can help reduce transportation costs.

5. Dine Out on a Dime

Although Dubai is renowned for its rich culinary scene, frequent dining out may quickly drain your bank account. Question is! How To save money in Dubai on dining at cheap restaurants? Consider cooking meals at home or opting for local street food options, which offer delicious and affordable alternatives. Take advantage of lunch specials and explore dining apps for exclusive discounts and promotions.

Eating out in Dubai can be expensive, so try to cook as much as possible at home. Meal prepping can save you time and money. Cook in batches and freeze meals for later use. You’ll have control over the caliber and nutritional content of your meals in addition to saving money. Also, you can try making Sandwiches, salads, 2 Minute Noodles, Packed Food, ready-to-cook Foods, etc.

6. Save On Entertainment and Activities

Dubai offers many entertainment and recreational activities at Burj khalifa, but participating in every event can strain your wallet. Research free or low-cost activities, such as visiting public parks, attending FREE “community events”, or exploring art exhibitions. Look for discounted tickets for theme parks, water parks, or attractions, often available online or through travel agencies. Also, Take advantage of travel style as public parks and public beaches. Explore the city’s museums, art galleries, Dubai aquarium, Dubai miracle garden, deep dive Dubai, and historical sites, which often have discounted or free entry on specific days.

7. Save BY Shop Wisely

Dubai is renowned for its Excessive shopping opportunities, but it’s crucial to shop wisely to save money. Compare prices across stores and malls, and consider visiting outlet malls or local markets for affordable options. Take advantage of holiday seasonal sales and “promotional offers”, at Dubai Mall and shopping malls, and don’t forget to negotiate prices in traditional souks.

“Dubai’s traditional souks are an Exciting option with negotiable prices to save money in Dubai

Dubai traditional souk for buying to save more money

8. Save by Using Discounts and Deals

Taking advantage of discounts and bargains at average cost is one of the primary ways to save money in Dubai. Special discounts are available at numerous eateries, hotels, and activities, especially during off-peak holidays. Keep an eye out for voucher booklets, loyalty programs, and membership discounts on food costs and cost of living that can help you save on various expenses. Additionally, consider using cashback apps or credit cards that offer rewards or cashback on your purchases.

Dubai boasts a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars and restaurants offering happy hour deals. Enjoy these discounted prices by planning your evenings around these time-limited promotions. Enjoy your favourite beverages and indulge in delectable dishes without breaking the bank.

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9. Explore Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Dubai has several free and “low-cost attractions” that can provide you with memorable travel experiences without breaking the bank. Visit public beaches and affordable restaurants.


Also, Explore multicultural sites and amazing views like the Dubai Museum or the Jumeirah Mosque, and enjoy the stunning views from Dubai parks and promenades. Take advantage of holiday season-free events, such as art exhibitions or music festivals, regularly held throughout the city.

10. Manage Utilities and Bills

Be aware of your consumption to reduce your utility costs. Turn off the lights, air conditioners, and appliances while not in use. Consider adopting energy-efficient lights and appliances to reduce your power bill. Compare internet and mobile phone plans to locate the most affordable solutions at added cost. Additionally, monitor water usage and employ water-saving strategies to reduce water expenses.

11. Health and Wellness on a Budget

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive in Dubai. Look for affordable gym memberships or consider outdoor activities like jogging or cycling in public Dubai parks. Explore local markets for fresh produce at lower prices compared to supermarkets. Take advantage of community events and classes that offer free or low-cost wellness activities like yoga or Meditation.

12. Save on Education Expenses

If you have children attending school or university in Dubai, education expenses can be a significant part of your budget. Research schools that offer high-quality education at more affordable fees. “Explore scholarship” opportunities and financial aid programs for students. Consider buying second-hand textbooks or using digital resources whenever possible to save on educational materials instead of excessive shopping.

13. Make the Most of Public Spaces

Dubai boasts numerous public spaces free to access and enjoy during peak seasons. Visit Dubai parks, beaches, and outdoor areas for recreational activities and gatherings with friends and family. Many public spaces offer affordable hotels, BBQ areas, jogging tracks, and playgrounds, providing entertainment options without spending money on expensive venues.

14. Avoid Tourist Traps

While Dubai has many tourist attractions, some places are budget-travel, overpriced, or geared towards tourists. Do thorough research before visiting popular tourist spots and read reviews to assess value for money. Seek recommendations from locals or travel experts to discover hidden gems that offer authentic experiences at a wide range of public transportation and more affordable prices.

Plan your trips strategically with travel accessories to save money if you love to travel. Look for deals on Wego App for flights and accommodations, travel budget, consider travelling during off-peak seasons, and explore budget-friendly destinations like Dubai parks and resorts, Take advantage of loyalty programs offered by airlines and hotels to earn rewards and enjoy discounted rates.

15. PLan for Special Events

Dubai hosts various special events and festivals a whole year, such as the “Dubai Shopping Festival” or Dubai Summer Surprises. Plan your visits during peak and holiday season events to take advantage of a wide range of discounted prices, promotions, and entertainment options. Book flights and accommodations well in planning to secure the best deals.

16. Explore Local Markets and Souks

Dubai is famous for its “traditional markets and souks“, where you can find a wide variety of products at competitive prices than the actual cost. From spices and textiles to gold and electronic gadgets, these markets offer unique shopping experiences. Bargaining is also common in these markets, so negotiate prices for better deals.

17. Utilize Discount Websites and Apps

There are several websites and mobile apps dedicated to offering discounts and deals in Dubai. Take advantage of platforms like Cobone, Groupon, and VoucherSkout to find discounted offers for activities, dining, spa treatments, and more.

18. Purchase Dubai Metro Day Pass

If you plan to use the Dubai Metro extensively, consider purchasing a “day pass“. The day pass allows unlimited travel on the metro for a fixed price, offering excellent value for money, especially if you’re planning to visit multiple attractions in a day.

Dubai-Metro-day-Pass-for saving money in dubai
Dubai Metro Day Pass will save you more money

19. Take Advantage of Lady’s Nights

Dubai has a vibrant nightlife scene, and many establishments offer ladies’ nights, where women can enjoy amazing views of free entry, discounted drinks, and other perks. Gather your friends and make the most of these ladies’ nights to have a great time without spending a fortune.

20. Enjoy Friday Brunch Deals

Friday brunches are a popular tradition in Dubai, and many restaurants offer all-you-can-eat brunch buffets at discounted prices. Gather your friends or family and indulge in a lavish feast without breaking the bank.


Saving money in Dubai is achievable with careful planning and resourcefulness. By setting clear financial goals, cost of living, creating a budget with average price, and making intelligent choices in accommodation costs, public transportation, dining at cheap restaurants, safe travel, and entertainment, you can enjoy the best of Dubai without overspending. Embrace the city’s free attractions, utilize discounts and deals, and manage your expenses wisely. With these strategies, you can save money while still experiencing the wonders of this remarkable city of UAE.


How much should you save in Dubai?

The amount you should save in Dubai depends on your income and financial goals. Aim to save at least 20-30% of your earnings, adjusting as needed for your circumstances.

How can I save money on groceries in Dubai?

To save money on groceries in Dubai, consider shopping at local markets or discount supermarkets and opting for house brands. Additionally, planning meals, making a list, and buying in bulk can help reduce expenses.

Is it easy to save in Dubai?

Saving in Dubai can be challenging due to the high cost of living, but it is possible to achieve savings goals with proper planning and financial discipline.

Do tourists need cash in Dubai?

While card payments are widely accepted in Dubai, carrying some cash for convenience is advisable, especially for smaller transactions, street vendors, and specific markets.

How much money do you need per day in Dubai?

Daily expenses in Dubai can range from 200-400 AED (55-110 USD), depending on your preferences and activities.

How much do you spend in Dubai as a tourist?

The recommended savings for a trip to Dubai for seven days long range from 12,00-5,000 USD for a moderate budget, while a more luxurious experience may require a higher budget.

What is the best cash or card in Dubai?

Both cash and cards are widely accepted in Dubai, providing flexibility and convenience for visitors.

How many dirhams should I take to Dubai?

For a comfortable visit to Dubai, it is advisable to have around 500-1000 AED per day as spending money. However, a mix of payment options is recommended for more considerable expenses and emergencies.

Is 5000 AED enough in Dubai?

The sufficiency of 5000 AED in Dubai depends on your lifestyle and spending habits. While it can cover basic expenses, it may not be enough for luxury experiences or high-end accommodation.

Can I live with 10000 AED in Dubai?

Living with 10,000 AED in Dubai is possible, but it largely depends on your lifestyle choices and spending habits. It may be challenging to afford luxury experiences or high-end accommodations. Still, with careful budgeting and cost-conscious decisions, it can cover basic living expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, and utilities.

Can you survive on 2500 AED in Dubai?

Surviving on 2500 AED in Dubai can be challenging due to the high cost of living. Still, with strict budgeting and a frugal lifestyle, it may cover necessities, shared accommodation, and essential expenses.

What are some traditional souks in Dubai that offer affordable shopping options?

Gold Souk.
Perfume Souk.
Souk Al Bahar.
Textile Souk.
Central Souk.
Spice Souk.
Madinat Souk.

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