5 Steps How to Get an Equivalency Certificate in UAE

If you’re planning to pursue higher education or employment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you may need to obtain an equivalency certificate for the United Arab Emirates. An equivalency certificate proves that your educational qualifications from the host country are equivalent to those recognized in the UAE.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through The process of obtaining an equivalency certificate in the UAE, ensuring that you are well-prepared and informed. HowUAE.ae Can Assist you with: Guidelines for the Attestation of all relevant certificates from the destination country and Attestation of relevant diplomas or graduation certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE Apply for equivalency on behalf of the client via the MOE website.


Let’s first define the equivalency certificate process and examine its significance before moving on to the actual procedure. A certificate of equivalence also called an equivalency certificate, verifies that your educational credentials earned outside the UAE are equivalent to the regional standards established by the UAE Ministry of Education. It ensures that companies and educational institutions in the UAE will recognize and acknowledge your credentials.

Understanding The Equivalency Certificates

Equivalency certificates are issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Education (MOE) and various other educational authorities in the country. These certificates validate the equivalence of foreign qualifications to their UAE counterparts, enabling individuals to pursue further studies, employment, or professional licensing.

Research the Equivalency requirement

Before starting the application process, gathering and understanding the specific equivalency requirements for your qualification and the purpose you intend to use it is essential. The website of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates is a useful source that offers thorough details regarding the equivalency procedure, including qualifying requirements, necessary documentation, and other crucial rules.

Use the procedures listed below to start getting an equivalency certificate.

Step 1: Register with MOEUAE

The first step is to register and login into MOE official site and thoroughly research the requirements and criteria set by the Ministry of Education UAE for obtaining an equivalency certificate on the relevant service page. The criteria could change depending on the educational institution’s level and the nation where your credentials were earned. To prevent any delays or issues throughout the application process, acquiring all the required data and paperwork is crucial.

The Process Typically follows these steps:

  1. Go to the MOE Website
  2. “Register or log” into your account using UAE PASS.
  3. Select the degree program for the certificate you want to be recognized.
  4. Fill out the application and upload the required paperwork.
  5. If all necessary documents have been submitted, the department will check.
  6. Pay the fees through the “MOE portal“.
  7. Your application will be reviewed, and a final decision (recognized or not recognized) will be generated.
  8. The decision will be sent to your registered email.

Step 2: Prepare the Required Documents

Once familiar with the essential requirements, gather all the necessary documents for your application.

Commonly required documents include:

  1. Educational Certificates: Provide copies of your educational study institutions certificates, such as diplomas or degrees, and graduation certificates from the institution where you obtained your qualifications.
  2. Transcripts: Include copies of your academic program transcripts, which provide a detailed record of the courses you completed and the grades you achieved.
  3. Passport Copy: Submit a copy of your passport as proof of identity.
  4. Attestation: The attestation process depends on the country of issuance; you may need to get your educational documents attested by the relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE Embassy in your home country.

Ensure that all the documents are in the required format and have been appropriately attested, as per the guidelines provided by the UAE Ministry of Education. For “Attesting the Marriage certificate” or related documents, you can check this guide for UAE.

Step 3: Submit the Application

With your documents prepared, it’s time to submit your application for the equivalency certificate. You can visit the UAE Ministry of Education’s official website, Equivalency E-services page, or their office in person. Follow the instructions on their website or consult with their staff for guidance on submitting your application.

Remember to complete the application form accurately, providing all the necessary information and attaching the required documents. Incomplete or incorrect applications may result in delays or rejection.

Step 4: Application Review and Verification

Once you have submitted your application, the UAE Ministry of Education will review and verify your documents. They will assess the equivalency certificate process of your qualifications based on the educational standards and guidelines set by the ministry. Prepare your mind that this procedure may take time.

The ministry might contact you for more requirements or clarification during the verification process. Ensure that you promptly respond to any requests to avoid unnecessary delays. After submitting your application, it undergoes a thorough verification process by the MOE or the respective educational authority. This procedure can entail assessing your academic credentials, verifying your paperwork, and conducting any required background checks. Depending on your case’s complexity and the authorities’ workload, the length of this stage may change.

Step 5: Payment of Fees

The equivalency certificate application process typically involves payment of processing fees. It generally’s Between 50 AED to 200 AED depending on the Certificate/Document. The fee structure is Provided Here, but it can also be seen on the UAE Ministry of Education site for the latest Changes (If Any).

Payment Service Channels are:

  • Smart Application.
  • Website.

Fee Of Recognition of university certificates issued from outside the UAE?

Undergraduate degree
100 AED
Postgraduate degree
150 AED
Doctorate degree
200 AED

Fee Of Equivalency of a General Education certificate within the UAE (Grade 12)?

It is 50 AED.

Fee Of (Grade 12 ) Equivalency Certificate – General Education from Abroad?

It is 50 AED.

Fee For Inquiry on study programs outside the UAE (IFADA)?


Pay the fees within the specified timeframe to avoid any complications with your application.

Lastly, Collecting the Equivalency Certificate

Once your application has been successfully processed and verified, you will receive your equivalency certificate. This certificate will validate the equivalence of your educational qualifications in the UAE and will be essential when pursuing further studies, seeking employment, or applying for professional licensing. Keep the certificate safe; you may need to present it when required.


Ensure you keep the original certificate safe, as you may need to present it to study institutions or employers when required.

Processing time for Recognition Of Certificates

  • The processing time for most certificates is 10 working days, except for certificates related to specialized professions.
  • For certificates issued from universities in categories 1 and 2, the processing time is also 10 working days.
  • However, for certificates issued from universities in categories 3 and 4, the processing time is extended to 30 working days.

Please note that there might be delays if additional application assessment is required.

Validity and Utilization of the Certificate

Ordinarily, equivalency certificates are valid for a set timeframe, typically five years from the issuing date. It is significant to remember that these certificates were obtained specifically for the stated reason. For instance, a certificate of equivalence you received for employment could not be accepted if you want to pursue academic standards in higher school. Always verify the requirements of your intended purpose and consult the relevant authorities if you need to renew or update your certificate.


The Equivalency Department receives specific certificates that do not meet the conditions for certificate recognition. Here are some reasons why certificates may not be recognized, depending on the specialization or “UAE Universities” categories:

MOE UAE may not Recognized Certificates
  1. The study was conducted within the United Arab Emirates in an unauthorized higher-education institution.
  2. The UAE Ministry of Education does not recognize the study institution. List of “Authorized Institutions” in UAE.
  3. The academic accrediting agencies in the nation where the study was conducted do not recognize the study institution.
  4. The student did not meet the required attendance period in the country of study (more details in the conditions).
  5. Due to the student’s lack of a bachelor’s degree, the National Qualification Framework’s fundamental tenet is broken.
  6. The fact that the student didn’t graduate from high school goes against one of the guiding principles of the National Qualification Framework.
  7. The previous degree certificate intended for recognition was not approved.
  8. The study was conducted using non-traditional modes such as distance learning, open learning, external learning, or online learning.
  9. Students did not obtain the licensure examination in the Philippines (PRC certificate).
  10. The study period was proven to be shorter than required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.
  11. The Ministry of Education does not list the study institution for Distance Education (Interactive Online Education).
  12. Insufficient evidence was provided to confirm the authenticity of the degree.
  13. The study program is not within the scope of the Certificate Recognition Committee.
  14. The study occurred in an institute other than the one that issued the degree.
  15. The academic program is not accredited by specialized/professional accrediting organizations in the country of study.
  16. The percentage of study hours conducted through non-traditional modes exceeded the allowed limit set by the Ministry (more details in the conditions).
  17. The Ministry of Education has denied acceptance to the study college.
  18. The country where the study was conducted’s academic accreditation organizations lacked any records of the institution’s accreditation.
  19. Additionally, no certificate recognition requirements will be met by certificates that don’t conform to them.


What is an equivalency certificate?

An equivalency certificate validates the equivalence of foreign qualifications to the UAE’s educational system.

What is the difference between the Equivalency and the recognition?

“equivalency” has been replaced with “recognition,” As both refer to the same service.

How long does it take to get a Recognition certificate?

The recognized Higher Education certificate can be utilized for purposes such as employment, admission to postgraduate studies, and promotion based on employer requirements.

How can I provide evidence of my college/university accreditation status?

Provide an official letter from the accreditation body (which should be Attested by MOFAIC). The letter should include the following details:
The accreditation status of the institution.
Clarification on whether the offered programs are academic or vocational.
General information regarding the programs and their admission requirements.
Any additional documents that may be required.

What is the purpose of getting the degree Recognised?

The recognized Higher Education certificate can be utilized for purposes such as employment, admission to postgraduate studies, and promotion based on employer requirements.

How many times can I submit an appeal request?

Submit a reconsideration request within 3 months of the Recognition/Rejection decision. Note that only one request can be made per application. If this period is exceeded, customers can apply for a new application.

What is the time frame to submit an appeal request to MOE?

To request reconsideration, please ensure that your submission is made within a 3-month from the date of the Recognition decision.

What is the timing for applying for Recognition?

The service is entirely online, allowing you to apply at your convenience without any specific time restrictions 24hrs.

What is the attendance rate required to Recognise the qualification?

Residency proof in the country of study during the study period:
For programs based on courses: Attend all classes in the country of study during their provision.
For post-graduate studies based on research in scientific fields: Be present at the main campus for research conduct for at least 90 days per academic year.
The Standards and Research Committee may grant partial exemptions based on specific circumstances.
If the post-graduate program includes research and courses, all courses must be attended in the country of study.

What are the types of degrees that can be Recognised?

The Certificate Recognition system requires recognition of academic Higher Education certificates obtained from recognized institutions after completing a minimum 1-year study period following high school or its equivalent.

What is the value of IFADA service if I am going to continue my studies abroad?

The Recognition process assures students that their study program and educational institution have been recognized. This facilitates the post-graduation Recognition process once all the required conditions are met.

How Can I apply for certificate recognition?

You can apply for the “recognition of university certificates” service through the ministry’s website or the smart application.

What are the fees for Recognition, and what is the payment method?

Undergraduate degree: 100 Dhs
Postgraduate degree: 150 Dhs
Doctorate degree: 200 Dhs

Online payments methods:
e-Dirham card
Post-paid cards

Can I apply for an equivalency certificate if I don’t have the original documents?

In most cases, original documents are required for the application process. However, some authorities may accept certified copies under specific circumstances. Check the guidelines provided by the MOE or relevant educational authority for detailed information.

Can I use my equivalency certificate for multiple purposes?

Equivalency certificates are typically issued for specific purposes, such as employment or higher education graduation certificates. It is essential to verify the requirements of each purpose and ensure that your certification aligns with the intended use.

What should I do if my certificate of equivalency expires?

If your equivalency certificate expires, you may need to renew or update it depending on your specific requirements. Contact the relevant authorities for guidance on the renewal process.

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