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Our new VAT Calculator for the Philippines In UAE and In PH—a user-friendly tool designed specifically for the Filipino market. Whether you’re a business owner assessing product prices, a consumer planning a significant purchase, or a professional preparing financial documents, this calculator aims to make your VAT calculations quick, straightforward, and error-free.

In the vibrant and bustling economic landscape of the Philippines, staying updated with financial computations from the UAE, especially when it comes to Value Added Tax (VAT), is crucial for businesses and consumers alike. While 12% might seem like a straightforward percentage to calculate, when you’re juggling multiple transactions, expenses, or preparing tax documentation, ensuring accuracy is paramount.

VAT Calculator Philippines

VAT (Rate%):

Total Amount (Exclusive VAT):

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In the fast-paced economic tapestry of the Philippines, the Value Added Tax (VAT) system has been a cornerstone since its implementation in 1988. Over the years, VAT has not only served as a significant revenue stream for the country but also shaped the buying decisions of its consumers. Today, with the dawn of digital solutions, understanding and computing VAT has never been more straightforward.


Computing VAT in the Philippines follows a simple formula, but it’s essential to get it right. Start with the original amount or the base price of a product or service. Multiply this by the prevailing VAT rate, which is currently set at 12%. The result gives the VAT amount. Adding this to the original amount gives the total amount payable. For instance, for a product priced at PHP 1,000, the VAT would be PHP 120, making the total PHP 1,120.


In the Philippine market, some common scenarios necessitate VAT calculations:

  • Retail Shopping: Every time consumers purchase goods, from apparel to electronics.
  • Service Invoicing: Professionals or service firms add VAT to their fees.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Property deals often have a VAT component.
  • Business-to-business transactions: Wholesale purchases, supply chain procurements, and more.


DescriptionBase Amount (PHP)VAT (PHP)Total Amount (PHP)
PHP2500 plus VATPHP2500PHP300PHP2800
PHP5000 plus VATPHP5000PHP600PHP5600
PHP7500 plus VATPHP7500PHP900PHP8400
PHP10000 plus VATPHP10000PHP1200PHP11200
PHP12500 plus VATPHP12500PHP1500PHP14000
PHP15000 plus VATPHP15000PHP1800PHP16800
PHP25000 plus VATPHP25000PHP3000PHP28000
PHP37500 plus VATPHP37500PHP4500PHP42000
PHP40000 plus VATPHP40000PHP4800PHP44800


In today’s digital age, the benefits of using an online VAT calculator for the Philippines are manifold:

  • Accuracy: Reduces the chances of manual calculation errors.
  • Efficiency: Instant results save time, especially for multiple calculations.
  • Flexibility: Ability to adjust VAT rates as per regulatory changes.
  • Accessibility: Available 24/7, from any device with internet access.
  • Eco-friendly: Digital computations reduce the need for paper-based calculations.


What is the meaning of VAT?

VAT, in its expanded form, refers to the Value Added Tax.

How can one apply for VAT registration in the Philippines?

Business entities can initiate their VAT registration in the Philippines by completing the BIR Form No. 0605, accessible here.

When is a business required to register for VAT in the Philippines?

Any enterprise should undergo “VAT registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue” when its yearly taxable turnover surpasses PHP3,000,000.

What’s the implication of a price being ‘VAT inclusive’?

When a price is described as ‘VAT inclusive‘, it signifies that the Value Added Tax is already incorporated into the given price or invoice amount.

How does ‘VAT exclusive’ differ in pricing?

A ‘VAT exclusive‘ label on pricing denotes that the given cost doesn’t include the Value Added Tax.

What should one understand by ‘net of VAT’?

Net of VAT‘ mirrors the ‘VAT exclusive‘ definition, meaning the listed price is without the inclusion of Value Added Tax.

Can the VAT rate change in the Philippines?

Yes, the government can revise the VAT rate based on economic needs, though changes are usually infrequent.

Is every product or service in the Philippines subject to VAT?

No, some products or services are VAT-exempted or zero-rated, It depends on Current regulations.

Data resources: Value Added Tax at Bureau of Internal Revenue Philippines

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