HOW TO CHECK ETISALAT NUMBER OWNER and registration details

Are you curious about how to check an Etisalat number, ownership, and registration details in the UAE? Look no further; this comprehensive guide will provide various methods to accomplish that. By following these simple steps, you can easily obtain information about the owner of an Etisalat SIM card. One method involves dialing *101# from the Etisalat SIM and selecting the account information option to check the SIM number. Alternatively, dial *248# to retrieve the owner’s name and number details. For a more personalized approach, consider calling the helpline number 100, where you can answer security questions to obtain the registered owner’s information. If you prefer a technological solution, install the Etisalat App on your mobile phone, create an account, and find the owner’s name in the profile section. Please note that these methods may only work for active SIM cards, and the service codes might change over time. Dive into these effective methods now and learn how to check the owner of an Etisalat number effortlessly. Gain access to all the details you need with ease!

Methods to Check Etisalat Number

If you’re curious about your Etisalat number, there are multiple methods you can use to check.

One method involves dialing *101# and selecting the appropriate options. After dialing the code, you’ll see a pop-up with different options on your screen.

Another method to check the owner of an Etisalat number is by dialing *248# from your dial pad. After waiting a while, a pop-up with the owner’s name and number information will appear on the screen.

Discover the number of your Etisalat SIM effortlessly with a simple missed call. This convenient method is ideal when you have sufficient balance on your account. Just dial the number of a friend or family member and instantly view your Etisalat SIM number on your screen without any hassle. Enjoy the ease of access!

For any queries or assistance with your Etisalat SIM, the simplest method is to call the “Etisalat helpline“. Just dial 100 from your Etisalat SIM; a helpful company representative will provide the necessary information. Get the support you need with ease!

These methods provide a quick and easy way to check the owner of an Etisalat number. It’s important to note that these methods can only be used in the UAE and may not work for inactive SIM cards. Additionally, the company reserves the right to change the service codes at any time, so it’s always a good idea to check the official Etisalat website for any updates or changes.

1. Use Etisalat USSD Code

To quickly find out who the SIM belongs to, dial the Etisalat USSD code and discover the valuable information you seek.

Here are four steps to follow:

  1. Dial *101# from your Etisalat SIM and press the call button.
  2. After a few seconds, a pop-up with different options will appear on your screen.
  3. Select the number ‘1’ to opt for ‘Account Management’.
  4. Press the number ‘3’ on the new screen for ‘Account Information’.
  5. Then, select number 3 again for ‘Know my Number’ and press the ‘Send’ button.

Following these steps, you will find a pop-up showing your Etisalat mobile number on your mobile screen. This method is convenient as it can be used even when your account has zero balance.

It’s important to note that these methods are valid only for active SIM cards. Inactive SIM cards may not work. Additionally, the company reserves the right to change the service codes at any time, so it’s always a good idea to check the Etisalat official website for updates.

Remember, this information is specific to the UAE and may not apply outside the Emirates.

2. Make a Missed Call

You can easily discover the secret behind your Etisalat SIM’s identity by simply making a missed call. This method is beneficial if you have some balance on your account. All you need to do is dial the number of any friend or family member and check your Etisalat SIM number without any hassle.

If you don’t have any balance and still want to make a call, you can take advantage of the ‘Etisalat Collect Call service.’ This service allows you to make phone calls even without any balance. The call charges will be received from the call-receiving number on your behalf. Etisalat offers this value-added service to all its postpaid and prepaid customers.

Remember, these methods are valid only for active SIM cards and may not work for inactive ones. Also, please note that the company reserves the right to change service codes anytime. For any errors or further information, checking the official Etisalat website is always advisable. These methods are applicable only within the UAE and may not work outside the Emirates due to coverage issues.

3. Call Etisalat Helpline

When you have questions or need assistance with your Etisalat SIM, the easiest way to get help is by calling the “Etisalat helpline By dialing 100” from your Etisalat SIM, you can speak to a company representative who can provide you with the necessary information.

The helpline is available to all Etisalat customers and is a convenient option for resolving any concerns or issues you may have.

When you call the helpline, the representative will ask you some security questions to verify your identity. This is done to ensure the privacy and security of your account information. Once your identity is confirmed, you can ask any questions or seek assistance with any problems you are experiencing with your Etisalat SIM.

The helpline can provide a range of services, including checking the owner’s name of your Etisalat SIM. If you are unsure about the registration details of your SIM or want to confirm the owner’s name, the representative will be able to assist you with this information. They can also provide information about your registered address and the location associated with your SIM.

Calling the Etisalat helpline is a quick and efficient way to get the help you need with your ‘Etisalat SIM“. The representatives are trained to provide accurate and helpful information, ensuring your concerns are addressed promptly. So, if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to call the Etisalat helpline for support.

4. Use an Online Tracker

If you’re curious about the details of your Etisalat SIM, an online tracker can provide the information you’re looking for. One method to check the owner’s Etisalat number name is Simply enter the mobile phone number you want to check, and the website will provide you with the owner’s name and operator information in the United Arab Emirates.

To make it easier for you to understand, here is a table summarizing the different methods to check the owner’s name of an Etisalat number:

What are the required documents for registration?

RegistrantRequired documents
UAE nationalOriginal Valid Emirates ID
GCC nationalOriginal Valid Emirates ID OR Original Valid GCC ID OR Original Valid Passport
UAE residentOriginal Valid Emirates ID
Government/Business EntitiesGovernment Decree or valid Establishment Card (for government entities) Valid Establishment Card (for business entities) Authorized Person details such as Passport copy with “visa page & Emirates ID” etc. (for both government & business entities)
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In conclusion, several methods are available to check the owner information of an Etisalat number in the UAE. Here are the different ways you can do it:

  • Dial 101# or 248# from the Etisalat SIM: By using these codes, you can access your account information and retrieve the SIM number and the owner’s name and number.
  • Call the helpline number 100: When you call this number, you will be asked to answer security questions. Once you provide the correct answers, you can obtain information about the registered owner of the SIM card.
  • Install the Etisalat App: You can create an account and access various features by downloading and installing the Etisalat App on your device. One of these features is the profile section, where you can find the owner’s name displayed.

It is important to note that these methods may only work for active SIM cards and that the service codes may change over time.’

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The USSD Code To Check The Etisalat Number?

Discover your Etisalat number swiftly with *101#. Dial the code, press call, and instantly see your number on the screen. Effortless and quick!

How Can I Check The Owner’s Name Of An Etisalat Number?

Discovering the owner’s name of an Etisalat number is a breeze with two simple methods at your disposal. Firstly, you can call the helpline number 100 and provide answers to a few security questions to obtain the owner’s name. Alternatively, by dialing *248# from your Etisalat SIM card, the screen will promptly display the owner’s name and number information, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Can I Check The Etisalat Number Owner’s Name By Making A Missed Call?

No, a missed call won’t reveal the Etisalat number owner’s name. To check the owner’s name, dial *248# or call helpline number 100 and answer security questions to verify your identity.

How Do I Contact The Etisalat Helpline To Inquire About The Owner Of A Particular Number?

Contacting the Etisalat helpline to inquire about a specific number’s owner is easy. Dial helpline number 100 from your Etisalat SIM, answer security questions to verify your identity, and the representative will promptly provide you with the desired information.

How do I check my Etisalat account details?

Visit or download the My Etisalat UAE app.
Enter your registered mobile number.
Receive a 6-digit OTP on your mobile.
Verify the OTP to log in and access your account information effortlessly.

What is * 123 in Etisalat?

Activate your Voicemail with ease using one of these methods:
Call 123 and follow the instructions. Postpaid calls are charged AED 0.32/min, while Prepaid calls are charged AED 0.38/min.
Dial *123# for a free menu option or use the fast command *123211*2# and press the call key. Enjoy the convenience of Voicemail at your fingertips!

How will I know that I have to renew my registration details?

You will receive an SMS that your document details have expired and need to be renewed. Stay informed and take action promptly!

How do I renew my registration?

Via My Etisalat UAE app
Via our website
By visiting the nearest Etisalat business center or outlet
Choose the method that suits you best and complete the registration hassle-free!

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