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Zakat Calculator UAE – Easily calculate your Zakat in the UAE with our online calculator. Based on the latest Islamic rulings, our calculator is quick and easy to use. Find out how much Zakat you owe today!

UAE Zakat Calculator

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Calculate your Zakat obligation accurately with the Zakat Calculator UAE. Quickly determine the Zakat amount based on your assets, including gold, silver, cash, investments, and other holdings. Fulfil your religious duty by giving back to the community in line with Islamic principles.


Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and holds great significance in the lives of Muslims. It is a mandatory annual charitable obligation for financially able Muslims to give a portion of their wealth to help those in need. The Zakat amount is calculated based on the assets owned by an individual, and the rate varies depending on the type of assets.

In the UAE, where most of the population follows Islam, Zakat is an integral part of the society. To assist individuals in determining their Zakat liability accurately, a Zakat Calculator specifically designed for the UAE can be very helpful.

The Zakat Calculator UAE takes into account various assets, such as:

  1. Gold: The value of gold an individual possesses in the form of jewellery, coins, or bullion.
  2. Silver: The value of silver owned in the form of jewellery, coins, or other items.
  3. Cash in Hand: The amount of money available in hand or readily accessible in bank accounts.
  4. Investment Accounts: The value of investments made in various financial instruments.
  5. Other Assets: The value of any additional assets owned by the individual, including stocks, real estate, or any other investments.

Using this calculator, individuals can input the values of their respective assets, and the calculator will automatically compute the total Zakat amount due. As per Islamic guidelines, the Zakat rate applied is typically 2.5% (0.025) of the total assets.

By using the Zakat Calculator UAE, individuals can fulfil their religious duty accurately and ensure that they contribute to the welfare of the less fortunate members of society. It provides a convenient and efficient way to determine the Zakat amount and facilitates the process of giving back to the community in a meaningful manner.

It is essential to perform Zakat calculations correctly to ensure that the required amount is given, and this calculator helps in doing just that. This way, Muslims in the UAE can uphold this fundamental aspect of their faith and contribute to society’s overall well-being through their charitable contributions.

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